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Sweety Batis Blue & Lolita Wig CH

Lolita wig CH brown

Sweety Batis blue

Sweety Batis blue circle lenses are one of the most natural look lenses for light colored eyes. They bring you in the lime light by accentuating your original eye color. These lenses add a subtle pop to your peepers that make them look alluring. Though the enlargement is almost zero, the color-pop effect is so magical that you will end up falling in love with yourself allover again.

Lolita wig CH brown

Lolita Wig CH is a very burgundy brown thick wig. The rich color makes it look exuberant. The wig is very light weight to carry with soft & silky smooth tresses. Being heat-resistant synthetic wig, it endures styling products & heating to some extent.