Everyday Green Contacts: EOS Jewel Green Lenses

These are perfect everyday green contacts that blend into your natural eye color. EOS Jewel green fade realistically making efforts to stay subtle. They are bright but natural looking green. With a minimal enlargement they are the choice of students, professionals & women who want to enhance their eye color without being too exotic.

Are you Pale? Try EOS Jewel Green Contacts

These are the best natural looking contacts for people with pale skin and beige/golden hair. EOS Jewel green contacts will only accentuate your eye color while making your iris appear bigger and brighter. The design is pretty simple yet complex enough to keeping your eye ball appear realistic. These contacts subtly emphasizes on the limbal… Continue reading Are you Pale? Try EOS Jewel Green Contacts

Umaru Chan Makeup with EOS Jewel Green

EOS Jewel green are one of the most wearable pair of contact lenses. Bearing a realistic design, these lenses blend in super adorably. They do amplify your eyes a little, hence perfect for every day makeup look. With yellow pattern around the pupil hole, these lenses hold the ability to go unnoticed when worn against… Continue reading Umaru Chan Makeup with EOS Jewel Green