Washing Instructions for Kigurumi

Keeping your Kigurumi Onesie New Kigurumi jumpsuits are available in two varieties i.e. cotton & fleece. Fleece kigurumi (kee-goo-roo-mie) are considered the most comfortable variant that is suitable to make your cold nights warm. They provide the ultimate snug for a cozy romantic night & help the two love-birds play good in bed. To keep… Continue reading Washing Instructions for Kigurumi

3 Easy Solutions to 3 Nasty Kigurumi Problems

Kigurumi is one of the most durable sleep-wear. Though it is multi-purpose, a kigurumi is best used for lounging. A fleece kigurumi is most appreciated in Fall/Winter where your body needs warmth, comfort and something to get laid and feel cozy. Kigrumi PJs are supposed to last you a year or two when taken proper… Continue reading 3 Easy Solutions to 3 Nasty Kigurumi Problems