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Tint your Eyes Blue this Summer wearing Geo Berry Cessy Blue

Ge Berry Cessy Blue

Summer encourages us to fall for the cold hues. Having blue colored eyes reflect how positive you are towards life and others. Geo Berry Cessy blue colored contacts feature a natural looking pattern and a very ingenious amalgamation of multiple hues. The lenses portray a yellow inner ring that surrounds the pupil hole. The yellow ring actually makes the blending easier. The enlargement effect is also very subtle & sophisticated for daily wears.

They fulfilled my needs for daily, natural circle lenses! But these lenses should still be special in some kind of way… and I think GEO achieved it with this pretty color! My eyes look pretty and naturally blue, I don’t think anyone would wonder if I wear contacts. So a plain 10/10 โ™ฅ.

berry eyes