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Faux Thigh High Socks- Black Tights that Look like Thigh Highs

thigh highs
Thigh highs! But a lot of you who wear these precious socks know, that they are also super annoying for daily usage. It begins when putting them on – My thighs aren’t the most firm or thin thighs, so it begins with extreme squishing of my chubbies. It doesn’t look really pretty when the leg looks like this… but besides of that it’s also super uncomfortable. Mhm! But at the same time, thigh highs never come in the right size for me. They’re not long enough or they are too small. Or both. And even if I find a perfect pair, when I run around they always slide down my knees. Adjusting them is really annoying too and it’s just not always possible! Soooo… because of all these typical thigh high problems I REALLY wanted to have a pretty pair of fake thigh highs – aka tights which look like thigh highs. The cons that I described are completely erased with this simple solution!
thigh highs 2
These faux tights are beautiful in their own way. They feature black knit pattern up your knees to make sure they look like thigh high socks. Up above the knees they get sheerer to match your naked skin tone. They are stretchable so they will snug your legs closely yet making sure that they don’t curl down or get stacked at your ankles. Faux thigh high socks/ tights are the best alternate to the conventional pair of long socks. Read the complete review here
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