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What Accessories should accompany a French Maid Costume?


Accessorizing is an art which follows โ€œless is moreโ€ strategy. By accessorizing your French Maid costume appropriately; you make it look more authentic. To make your French Maid costume stand out, accessorize yourself accordingly but be very careful to avoid the clutter of trinkets.

  • Feather Duster: A maid is often seen with cleaning devices. Media portrays French Maids carrying a feather duster. Be very careful when choosing a duster. It should not be worn out and should have a nice shape and size to stay handy. The feathers should be soft & beautiful.
  • Carry a Silver Pot of Goodies: Additionally you can carry a silver pot of goodies. Carrying cleaning bottles make your look more accurate and will also help you with your party.


  • French Collar: Although this is not a necessary item of French Maid costume; it ensures genuine appearance with the maid costume as it actually looks like a choker. Some French collars come with actual clasps to help you secure them around the neck. The French collars are an addition to the French Maid costume that women started wearing in 1980s. French collar draws attention towards the steep & delicate slopes of the neck.

gloves white

  • Long Satin Sleeves: Long satin sleeves are optional but they are kind of arousing. Wearing long sleeves with a French Maid costume having no sleeves or cupcake short sleeves, send erotic vibes and add elegance to your maid uniform.

head cap

  • French Cap: This is an addition to French maid head dress. If you are not up for regular ruffled bow-y head dress you can opt for a cap. French cap is usually one color decorated with pristine white lace or ruffles. French cap should match your French maid costume to establish an integrated look.
  • Costume Jewelry: Yes servants are not seen with jewelry but adding little trinkets would cause no harm. Go for reasonably priced costume jewelry, for instance; faux ruby large rings worn in your finger over the gloves. Long string of faux pearls will also enliven the entire transformation.

After getting into your French Maid costume and accessorizing; give yourself a thorough look in a full length mirror. If anything looks way too heavy, remove it. Accessorizing is done to give your look an authenticity. It is an art and if gone wrong it spoils the entire get up. You must look trendy & effortless as you cat walk erotically to seduce the guests during rounds of party!