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3 Health & Hygiene Issues with Cheap Wigs

health issues with synthetic wigs

A synthetic wig is not only a need of time but also a mode to modify your style with modern day requirements. Although the wig industry has evolved drastically to offer an improved version of a fiber that is lighter, pleasant to carry & hygienic; there are various substandard cheap wigs available easily in the flea markets & beauty salons that compromise on the quality, risking your health. Poor hygienic conditions & cheap wigs often enjoy a formidable bond that lead to annoying medical conditions from chronic headache to dandruff, clogged scalp & hair fall. These problems could be alleviated by practicing good hygiene & replacing cheap wigs with high quality synthetic wigs.

How to Alleviate Headache caused by Cheap Wigs?

A wig with an improper fit leads to headache & migraine. Try loosening your wig or wear a wig cap that fits nicely without causing a tightening sensation. The headache could also be relieved by reducing the duration you wear synthetic wigs for. Until & unless you have medical complications such as baldness; you must not wear synthetic wigs consecutively for more than 6-8 hours in a day. If you opt for a wig due to chemotherapy resulting hair loss, ask your doctor for the best choice or browse our website for natural looking wigs.

Dandruff & Hair fall

If you notice a significant hair loss after recently introducing a wig into your daily routine; your guess is right. Cheap wigs could be the culprit. Dandruff, breakage & hair fall is caused by hypoxeia (lack of oxygen). Wigs that are made from poor & coarse synthetic fibers donโ€™t allow the proper air flow which blocks the glands & thus oxygen flow is compromised tremendously. The scalp skin is no more able to breathe which weakens the roots & cause hair follicles to shed the hair prematurely. Try replacing your cheap wigs with a light weight, airy & easy-to-manage bob wig.

Hair Damage

Thinning of hair line & breakage is very evident when you regularly wear synthetic wigs. This happens when you carelessly tug your hair beneath a wig. The friction between wig and your hair turn them drier, causing them to break and eventually leading to hair loss. Always wear a nylon mesh wig cap that let your hair breathe while you are rocking on the ramp with your fake hair.

Fortunately, we have feather light synthetic wigs that feature a finer wig cap, allowing better air circulation for healthy hair growth. No serious health problems have been so far reported worldwide due to wearing wigs because of the advancement in the wig construction. Discomfort with synthetic wigs is however common that you may address by improving how you care & deal with your units.