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4 Creepiest Looks to Steal this Halloween with Crazy Lenses


Last two weeks to go before it is Halloween again. Halloween is traditionally celebrated across United States with full enthusiasm where the preparations begin long before the actual event falls. From Halloween home decor to personal transformations, the event also boasts throwing Halloween specified meal and giveaways at guests. ย This is why Halloween is the most anticipated festival where everyone from little munchkins to adults seem to enjoy the fear factor. It is easier to trick toddlers, but nerve-tautening to haunt adults. People spend considerable amount to make astounding impact that leaves other bewitched with their flawless theatrical transformations. Below we are sharing the creepiest of the Halloween looks that you could totally steal this Halloween with basic makeup skills & crazy Halloween lenses.

4 Crazy Low Budget Halloween Impersonations

1. Alice Madness ( Hysteria Mode) Featuring Lens Story Twilight Red

Alice in the hysteria mode enjoys an invincible state where she sends deadly screams, causing blood splashes around her with her flash-maiden white dress stained in blood.

Crazy Lenses

She casts fear-mongering looks with her eyes and mouth running blood. This cosplay costs you nothing other than a white maiden dress & scarlet red crazy lenses for instance Lens Story Twilight red.ย Alice hysteria mode is similar to that of the ghost and paranormal entity. It shudders the victim as you catch them in total shock & surprise in your Alice impersonation at the eve of ghost & ghouls.

2. Blood Sucking Savage Featuring White Screen Mesh Crazy Lenses

Screen mesh lenses are known to make you look completely lifeless. These crazy lenses are perfect to concoct manipulated looks where you wouldn’t want to have even a bit of expression in your eyes. White crazy lenses with screen mesh are capable of making you look horrendous. Either you want to be a zombie, a cyborg or a vampire; these mesh crazy lenses will send cold vibes down the spine at the dark night.


Additionally, get some fake blood and paint your lips red. Dripping red lips with cold zombie eyes are sure to stand you out from the crowd.

3. ย X- Men Mystique Makeup Featuring Phantasee Green Mist Crazy Lenses

crazy lenses mist green

If you are into special effect makeup; you would want to fall for something daring. Though time consuming, this makeup look is worth every second you spend. Create your own version of X-Men Mystique, by playing around with whatever the makeup you have in your stash including body paints, special effect accessories & crazy lenses. This look features alot of narrow details, needing to paint your whole body. It draws attention to half face of the mutant whereas the other half is a beautiful human face that wears Phantasee green Mist crazy lenses.

4. Steve the Demon with Phantasee Red Black Gremlin Lenses


Go hide yourself under the table. Its Steve – the demon to screw up everything! This look features a body of Satan that holds an evil soul. Lurking in the shadows with a wacky set of unworldly inhuman eyes, Steve intimidate trespassing toddlers and adults eating cheese! Grab these sclera lenses by Phantasee to scare the shit out of others this Halloween.


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