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Are Daily Contact Lenses better than Monthly Eye Contacts?

daily contact lenses

daily contact lenses

Back in time monthly eye contacts were the gold standard but today with advance technology, there are many more options available each coming with its own pros and cons. Choosing between daily contact lenses and monthly disposable is more a matter of a personal choice than being a standard like early days. Daily disposable contact lenses go in trash after each wear whereas monthly eye contacts are supposed to last you longer. Talking to your eye doctor will help you find the best choice of disposable contact lenses. Since not all contacts are available with complex prescription such as multi focal or astigmatism, monthly eye contacts are recommended when sharp vision is required at higher magnification.

Consider your Prescription

Monthly eye contacts are either replaced biweekly or monthly. They are made from thicker material, able to retain moisture and allow more oxygen transmission hence provide crisp vision. Daily contact lenses are thinner and fragile therefore they canโ€™t resist bacteria and are prone to drying out. Furthermore they are discarded after each wear. Usually boasting high water content they stay comfortable in sensitive eyes.

Consider your prescription when choosing monthly eye contacts over daily contacts. Monthly disposable lenses make a greater option when you need to acquire sharp visual acuity at higher magnifications.

Consider your Lifestyle

Daily contact lenses are ideal for someone who is physically active. Sportsmen and athletes who frequently come in contact with sweat, dirt, water and other pollutants can rely on daily disposable contacts as they can be easily and frequently replaced on time. The only downside of daily contact lenses is they are fragile and prone to drying out. On the other hand if you spend most of your time in a controlled environment such as in office or home where time constraints is not an issue, then the best choice is monthly eye contacts.

Compare the Cost of the Two

Price is comparable. Although daily contact lenses fall at a pricier side, monthly contacts also come with the price of lens cases and cleaning/sterilising solutions.

The Final Word

If you can achieve the crisp vision with either of the options then the final decision is yours. Daily disposable contact lenses help you save the cost only when you plan to wear lenses occasionally. If on the other hand you need to constantly switch between glasses and contacts then we recommend monthly. Talking to your eye doctor will help you make the best decision.