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Base Curve: Get the Right Size of Circle Lenses?

circle lenses

Base curve of a contact lens is the most important feature responsible for a comfortable fit. It is the measure of the curvature of the back of circle lenses which help them stay firm & floating over the surface of the cornea. An average iris ranges from 8.00mm to 10.00 mm. Unless contact lenses match the curvature of your eyes; they won’t stay snug. Either they fall out loose or are way too tighter to tolerate.

Circle Lenses & Base Curves: Things you need to Know

base curve of circle lenses

Korean circle lenses come in an average base curve of 8.6 mm. During a complete eye exam, an ophthalmologist is a person to test your eyes that help determining the best fit of circle lenses. A prescription for contact lenses is therefore slightly different than that of the prescription of glasses. Other than base curve; you will find brand name, size of the contact lenses & the strength of the lenses in your prescription. Your measurement of eyes may change over the course of the year thus doctors consider your prescription valid till after one year of the exam has been made.

Does Base Curve Differ as you switch between Brands?

Base curve behaves like the size of clothing brands. If 8.6mm fits you in a certain brand, does not mean that the same curvature will entertain you for the other brand. However, Korean circle lenses – the best of all; come with the most common BC i.e. 8.6mm that traditionally fits everyone other than the patients having complex requirements.

Base Curve does not determine the Size of Circle Lenses

Base curve is not an indicative of the size. Size is determined by the diameter whereas the base curve determines the curve. Some circle lenses may be steeper (small) or flatter than the others. On the other hand, an average human iris is 14.00 mm in size. Since circle lenses are known to make your eyes bigger; they are available in bigger diameters that range from 14.00 mm to super big sizes 20mm.

If the base curve is too loose, circle lenses will keep sliding & moving. If on the other hand they are steeper in base curve; you will find it difficult to tolerate contacts. Your eyes will be dryer as they compromise oxygen flow & tear exchange. The higher the base curve, the steeper is your cornea.


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