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Brown Lenses that Cover Blue Eyes Fully: Sweety Bargello Brown

Sweety bargello brown

Sweety Bargello brown

Sweety Bargello brown circle lenses cover the light colored eyes fully. Usually people with light eyes stay nervous about choosing a perfect pair of lenses. Unlike other contacts Sweety Bargello brown have a smaller pupil hole that does not let your natural color peep through. They are vibrant, warm brown three tone lenses that look breathtaking in cosplay photoshoots and in real life. The enlargement effect is not very pronounced, so these are acceptable for the daily wear.

Sweety bargello brown
With and without lenses

 I usually don’t care about being comfortable in cosplay. Except when talking about lenses. I HATE that feeling of having sand inside your eyes some lenses cause. But this didn’t happen once with these pair of circle lenses. It is by far my most comfortable lenses. I spent the whole day with them during the Aiz photoshoot and didn’t need to use my collyrium not even once, which is great, so it didn’t screw my make up hahaha. If I was to rate it, I would say 10/10. Best circle lens ever! One of the least lenses I don’t feel apreheensive when I think about putting into my eyes. Hahahaha”

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