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Colored Contact Lenses: 4 Things we are Guilty about

Nobluk Ring blue contact lenses

Nobluk Ring blue colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are classified as medical devices and they need to be dealt accordingly. Handling them carelessly and failing to follow the manufacturer’s instruction invite severe consequence where some damages could be irrevocable such as permanent vision loss or blindness. As per clinical data, it is reported that every year a large number of patients end up in emergency due to negligence about using colored contact lenses. Below are the following 4 things we all are guilty about

  1. Stretching the “Time Span” of Colored Lenses

Colored lenses are always manufactured for a fix duration. Replacing them after the said duration is mandatory since once the expiry date has passed, lenses are no more able to resist germs. The accumulation of bacteria and product buildup could transfer to cornea leading to potential eye infections and abrasions. Agree or not, every one of us is guilty to stretch the life span of colored lenses at least once in life.  Get your supply on time so that you never run of your colored lenses.

  1. Dozing Off in Colored Contacts

It is true we all are guilty of snoozing in colored lenses and we do it frequently. Although dozing off while you are wearing colored contacts does not really pose any risk, doing so every now and then turn your eyes dry. Eyes are the only organ that draw its oxygen from environment than from the body. Contact lenses obstruct oxygen permeation to some extent & sleeping wearing them further compromise on the oxygen supply. It is better to always remove your contacts just in case you fall asleep accidentally.

  1. Swapping Colored Lenses

We share shoes, we share clothes; so apparently it’s not a big deal if we share contact lenses, right? Wrong! Hands down. Take it as a tooth brush or underwear. Will you ever swap such intimate belongings? No? Similarly, colored contacts carry germs and infections that may transfer from your friends’ eye to yours. Never exchange or swap contact lenses for hygiene purposes. But yeah, we agree we are guilty of exchanging contacts among friends and family for that one night change!

  1. “Topping off” Lens Solution

You just came back home tired so instead of rinsing and disinfecting your lenses you took them off and put the lenses back in lens case. The lens case contains some old solution that has been half evaporated. Instead of discarding the solution you only top off the solution thinking this will disinfect your contacts. If you have been doing this on daily basis you need to revert your actions. Solution that has been once exposed to open air evaporates its preservative hence no longer is capable of killing germs. It is important to disinfect contacts every single time.

Colored contacts are every one’s favourite. Whether you wear them on special occasions to achieve the beautiful color change effect or to correct your refractive index error, there is no denial that colored lenses are irresistible. Wear contacts but make sure you are taking all parameters to keep your eyes safe and vision preserved! Get lens cleaner kit to make sure your contacts remain squeaky clean always.