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Contact Lenses: 3 Troubleshoot Contact Lens Advises

colored contact lenses

colored contact lenses

At some point in life we all begin to rely on contact lenses. They are so handy at fixing vision that there is no reason to resist the convenience in your life. However, contact lenses may trigger panic response if they behave awkwardly such as being stuck in the vial or in your eyes. We will address three of the most frequent happenings with contact lenses that warrant no concerns despite being slightly abnormal. When you realize something is not normal with your contact lenses that you just purchased, consider NOT to worry. Scan the list below and hopefully it will resolve your issue. If not then drop us a comment below!

Contact Lenses Stuck in the Vial

Although it is a very common occurring, people usually lose nerve seeing their lenses being adhered in the vial. We assure you, your lenses will survive through it until you drop the vials accidentally while you rush about and run around to fix the issue asap. Often times contact lenses adhere themselves either on to the vialโ€™s bottom or wall due to being stationary in transit or in warehouse for months. When you find your lens is stuck or not moving in the solution, try to shake it gently. If this does not release the lens then try soaking the vials in warm water for a few minutes. Shae the vials again. This will get your contacts floating again. If nothing helps then use contact lens forceps and try to take the lens out gently. Do not pull it too hard. Allow it to rest at room temperature and it will eventually come out.

Contact Lenses Sting at the First Wear

While there may be several reasons of contact lenses burning or stinging, most of the time the culprit is your own ignorant attitude. Wearing contact lenses straight out of the lens vial is most definitely going to burn your eyes since the solution it comes soaked in does not disinfect your lenses. It keep contacts hydrated until you break the seal. Soaking your contact lenses overnight prior to first wear is mandatory which allow them to oxidize.

Saline solution is used to rinse lenses but it cannot disinfect contacts or fight bacteria. It is merely a solution of salt & distilled water that you can use in emergency to soak or rinse your lenses but never use it as a replacement to store bought disinfectant.

Allergic to Contact Lens Disinfectant. What should I do?

Some patients cannot tolerate the preservatives found in pharmacy made disinfectant. This does not mean that they cannot wear contact lenses. Get yourself hydrogen peroxide but never forget to observe precautions. Hydrogen peroxide can cause your eyes to burn by a chemical reaction. Hydrogen peroxide is used to clean, rinse, disinfect and store lenses but it is strictly forbidden to put contact lenses directly in eyes that have been just taken out from hydrogen peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide calls for an additional step i.e. neutralisation. Often times the solution comes with a special basket/lens case that does the neutralizing process & makes your lenses safe to wear.

Contact lenses provide freedom from annoying glasses that stay heavy on your nose. We bet your life will be positively changed after you bring them in your life. They are however medical devices and must be handled with due care.