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Why do I need a Hands-Free Cleaning System for Colored Contacts?

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Every year doctors report an increasing number of patients with minor to vision threatening infections contracted due to improper hygiene and negligence towards colored contacts. Contact lenses are medical devices that need diligent maintenance. Ignorance towards concrete cleaning system of contacts may lead to total vision loss & corneal abrasions. With today’s fast-paced life, there was a dire need of cleaning system that makes cleaning process easier. With advent of hands-free cleaning devices more patients are now adapting to benefit from colored contacts.

Why Hand-Free Cleaning System for Colored Contacts is Ideal for You?


Previously, eye doctors would recommend rubbing your colored contacts thoroughly on your palms to effectively clean them. This would however carry the risks of contamination from palms and fingers. Furthermore, it restricts complete cleaning of lenses while on the go which makes tolerating contacts nearly impossible during long road trips, camping, and during other recreational activities. Hands-free cleaning system comes very handy to clean your colored contacts in a jiffy. It is composed of an ultrasonic automatic lens cleaning kit that contains a lens case compatible to the cleaning machine, a pair of forceps and a plunger.

The hands-free cleaning system limit the contact of hands and lenses. The cleaning and disinfection occurs through ultrasonic or subsonic waves and a no-rub disinfectant. It is an excellent alternate to “digital cleaning” (rubbing the lens with your finger in your palm) which is responsible for tearing of soft lenses. When ultrasonic waves pass through the liquid, a process called “cavitation” occurs. This is the rapid formation, expansion and collapse of microscopic bubbles with in the liquid which helps removing protein, lipid, oil & other latching microorganisms.

Who Needs Hands-Free Cleaning System?

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Daily disposable contact lenses need no cleaning as they are discarded after each use. Bi weekly & monthly colored contacts also do not require a dedicated cleaning machine until and unless you are heavy protein depositor.

  1. Patients with dirty tear film secrete more oil & protein & they are the most potential consumers. The longer you wear your colored contacts, the more deposits buildup leading to hazy vision. Colored contacts that are replaced once in a year need effective cleaning & such automatic machines have been very helpful.
  2. Patients who have  a busy routine and find it difficult to manage clean contacts every day can also rely on the hands free cleaning kit.

All contact lenses need oxidization process where they are soaked in contact lens solution for 6-8 hours. Using an ultrasonic kit does the job in 30 seconds and you may be able to wear contacts straight out from the packaging.

“Ultrasound is a tried and true method of cleansing,” according to Barry Farkas, OD. “It’s very simple, and it’s effective against most kinds of dirt and residue on the lens.”