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Why does Broad Spectrum SPF50 Provide Ideal Sun Protection?

Sun Protection Broad Spectrum

Sun Protection Broad Spectrum

Sun protection factor has been a long debate since forever. Because no sun block provides 100% protection from UVB rays, it is important to choose your SPF wisely. From SPF 15 to 30 and 50, now there is a new debate about using SPF 100 instead. Did you know using anything more than SPF50 could actually be allowing more sun damage to your skin?

Why SPF 100 should be avoided?

According to studies, SPF 15 provides 93% protection whereas SPF 30 provides 97% protection. On the other hand, SPF 50 blocks 98% of the harmful UVB rays. To burst your bubble, SPF 100 does not block 100% UVB rays but only 99%. This makes only 1% difference which actually does more harm than good. Since wearing SPF 100 provides a false sense of security, you spend more time in sun that increases risk for sun burns and skin cancer.

So, does this make SPF 50 Ideal to be Worn Every Day?

Sun Protection SPF 50

The simple answer is No. Every day we are exposed to not only UVB rays but also UVA rays and digital blue light. Experts opine, digital blue light radiation is the modern day disaster that contributes more to skin cancer than any of the UVA and UVB rays reaching to Earth from the Sun.

Look for a broad spectrum sun block with SPF 50 and PA+++ to form a barrier against both UVA (long wave radiation) and UVB (short wave-length). UVA rays are responsible for tanning, skin cancer, pre mature ageing and collagen destruction whereas UVB rays causes sunburn, redness & dryness. A broad spectrum sun block wont only intercept UVAB rays but also prevent digital damage.

GUERISSON UV Defense Sun Gel Essence-02

Guerisson UV Defence Sun Gel essence is a chemical sun block that is readily absorbed into the skin. It absorbs UV rays, convert it into heat and release from the body. Unlike physical sun block, a chemical sun block does not leave a white caste. It does not feel thick or heavy on the skin yet it hydrate & moisturize.

How long will a Broad Spectrum Sun Block Prevent me from Sun Damage?

The simple and short answer is 2 hours. You need to generously apply sun block about 1 ounce every day, be it cloudy or rain. Extra precautions should be taken when you are under the sun near snow or water as the reflection of UV rays is intense and stronger. Wearing sun protection is just one part of the strategy because it alone cannot provide maximum prevention from UV rays. Seek shade whenever possible, wear long brimmed hats & sun glasses for adequate protection from damaging ultra violet radiation.