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Can Contact Lenses Fallout?

Soft contact lenses are designed to stay snug. Although there is an unnoticeable movement with every blink; they will revert to original position. Contact lenses are centered to cornea. They do not dislodge or dislocate randomly. If your contact lenses have been falling out frequently, it could be a problem with the BC of the lens. ย Or, probably you wore them inside out.

Why do my Colored Contacts Keep Moving?

Soft contact lenses conform to the shape of the cornea. They float on the surface of cornea allowing transmission of oxygen and letting your eyes breath. With every blink a fresh supply of tear film is produced that is a natural rinsing process of eyes. This moves contact lenses 1-2 millimeters and must go unnoticed.

Soft contact lenses are a preferred choice of athletes because they stay fit comfortably no matter how vigorously active you are. They rarely fall out however it is not absolutely impossible. Most of the time adverse weather is responsible for loss of contact lenses followed by a fallout. A sudden gust of wind for instance could dry out your contacts making them fall out. Several other factors such as rubbing your eyes, too much of moisture (in case of crying or eye allergy) will make them flush out of your eyes. It is always in your best interest to resist the urge of rubbing your eyes especially when wearing lenses.

Rubbing your eyes with your fingers increase the risk of bacterial transmission to contact lenses. If something is annoying and causing a stinging sensation, it is better to rinse your eyes with contact lens compatible eye drops such as Abbot Blink n Clean. These eye drops are designed to help your eyes flush out the irritants while you are wearing contacts. Since they are compatible with contacts they do not cloud your lenses or make your vision foggy.

Talk to your optometrist on your next visit if you have had trouble fitting your lenses. Soft contact lenses are designed to stay stable & comfortable. They are unlikely to dislodge but if they do, you need to either switch between brands or try a different base curve. Buy high quality soft contact lenses that are CE certified and KFDA approved at 50% OFF- limited time offer