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How to Detect Cheap Contact Lenses?

Cheap Contact Lenses

Cheap Contact Lenses

Anything that you buy on the name of contacts lenses from beauty salon, flea market or from your street shop is nothing but cheap. Contact lenses are only manufactured in Korea under state of art labs following ISO health standards. They may carry a price tag but your eyes are not worth a serious eye infection caused by cheap contact lenses. People who are habitual of wearing contact lenses will not take a minute detecting between fake & genuine contact lenses but here is a guide for the beginners.

Cheap Contact Lenses: Signs that youโ€™ve been fooled

Cheap Contact Lenses
Sometimes even branded contacts carry manufacturing flaws. They may look fake and are not identical. Consult your vendor for replacement.

Mushroom growth of online resellers and retailers dealing in cheap contact lenses are the root-cause of ocular infections. Since genuine contact lenses are not easily available worldwide due to FDA regulations, people end up trusting every other seller they happen to stumble upon online. Please note, not every supplier online deals in fair business. Have a thorough research, read customer reviews & third party ratings before you invest your money in contact lenses. Beware of fraudulent businesses who sell fake contacts at double the price of genuine. Telltale signs of cheap contact lenses are as follows:

  1. The design & colors are not very pronounced
  2. Both of the lenses may not be identical. Edges may be irregular and flimsy
  3. They may itch and irritate your eyes
  4. They may over activate tear glands causing neo vascularization
  5. They may fade even before the expiry is met

Cheap contact lenses will always keep budging you. KFDA approved circle lenses on the other hand will take maximum 5-8 minutes in adjustment. If upon wearing your contacts you have to keep wiping your eyes & bat your eye lids more than necessary because of the foreign body sensation, it is necessary to remove them straightaway.

Note: Halloween season is around the corner. Everything that sellers advertise cheap will be sold due to the high demand from consumers. However, anyone with a wise mind will prefer spending a few bucks more than risking their vision for the lifetime.

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