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Everyday Sweet Makeup Look with CL & Wig

Lolita wig BR

Women are the most narcissist and they take pride in it. Its a dream to look beautiful everyday without ย jeopardizing the natural beauty. Circle lenses and synthetic wigs together have been helping women look ravishing & pretty. Mandy has created vibrant yet sweet everyday makeup look using enhancement tint EOS Fay brown contacts & a lolita wig BR.

Lolita BR back

EOS Fay brown are soft natural looking brown contacts that blend flawlessly. They mimic being ย a true color of your eyes whilst keeping the enlargement effect some what subdued. The realistic design is yet another factor that takes your casual look by storm. Lolita wig BR further helps adding a bespoke charm to your personality. The lavish curls & the ombre effect with blunt thick bangs make you look like a doll with enchanting beauty elements. The wig is gorgeously thick & has a matte finish. This wig is adorned with black satin bows which add a touch of sweetness.