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Wearing Cotton Knee High Socks to Keep Feet Warm

cotton knee high socks

Knee high socks cotton lolita
Pair knee high socks with a sweater to make a style statement

Knee high socks usually cotton socks are a staple product in every wardrobe. This small article goes unnoticed and is the least talked-about. The socks donโ€™t seem to catch attention until it is winters and you begin to feel cold. Cotton knee high socks are excellent at keeping you warm. Furthermore, incorporating them ingeniously with the rest of your attire helps building you a layered outfit that remains the talk-of-the-town for the weeks to come.

5 Benefits of Cotton Knee High Socks

  1. Cotton socks are ultra-comfortable. They are available in different colors, infinite patterns & varying lengths. Since they hold the shape even when stretched without being warped, cotton knee high socks are perfect for winter season to go under boots or over skinny jeans where you even expect a bit of puckering.
  2. Cotton knee-high socks are easy to maintain. They can be randomly tossed into a washer without the fear of them losing shape in the washing machine. On the other hand if you compare woolen socks, you will have to always wash them via hand or be prepared to get a loose, crunched shapeless woolen sac.
  3. Cotton is natural, ecofriendly fiber that keeps knee high socks softer than its woolen counterpart. They remain comfortable under shoes where woolen socks may itch like crazy unless you invest in a very expensive pair.
  4. With cotton knee high socks you are never short with possibilities. They are good to gift for, as cotton is less likely to trigger an allergic response.
  5. The only drawback of cotton knee-high-socks is their efficiency of holding and retaining moisture. If you spend most of your day outside in strenuous activities, your feet perspire and the socks will stay damp leaving you feel cold at feet.

Ribbed knee high socks

Cotton knee high socks are cheaper & lighter in weight. They are great to keep your feet warm at home when lounging or when involved in low physical activity; especially when not wearing shoes. Cotton absorbs moisture from the body that is then evaporated from the socks.