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Factors Responsible for Uncomfortable Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses

More than 30million people wear contact lenses in US alone without any major discomfort. Advanced technology & manufacturing processes have made contact lenses more reliable due to which people who have had bad experiences earlier are now able to tolerate them. Yet, discomfort with contact lenses is nothing rare- Fortunately you can deal with most of the factors responsible for contact lens discomfort at home- all by yourself. Should you not feel relieved, you must check with your eye care professional since prolong discomfort with contact lenses may mean acute ulcers or any other ocular infections that has not yet sprouted fully.

Check for the following if contact lenses keep bothering you

Below we are only discussing the reasons that make your contact lenses uncomfortable in the long run. If right upon wearing you notice stabbing sensation in your eyes, remove your contacts immediately; even bothering to read the below.

  1. Improper Fit

Though an average size of human iris is 14.00mm with 8.6 base curve, there are variations; since no two human beings are identical- not even the twins. Contact lenses are manufactured considering the average dimensions that cater to the majority. Contacts that are not fitted properly may continue to dislodge from the iris. They keep moving, making it difficult to blink. Vision may be compromised too.

A properly fitted contact lens should move swiftly with each blink. Too little or too much of the movement indicates improper fitting which either turn eyes dry or irritated & inflamed. Please note, people with seemingly no insensitivity should be able to wear circle contacts for more than 8 hours. (Computer users report significant discomfort since digital screens aid strain on nerves that lead to discomfort. Using re-wetting drops usually relieve the strain)

2. Allergies

Allergies are seasonal. Some people find contact lenses uncomfortable with the onset of spring when a higher quantity of pollen particles are found suspended in the air. Contact lenses have minor projections that help them floating on the cornea. These very same projections also facilitate external particles from environment to latch to & contaminate contacts that may cause discomfort, particularly an annoying sting-y feeling.

Anti-allergen eye drops are used but you will have to give your eyes a rest for the couple of days. Talk to your doctor if you fear serious vision problems without prescription contacts. Doctors may alternate you & prescribe daily disposable contact lenses to help you battle through the seasonal allergies.

3.Wrong Type of Contact Lenses

There are various types of contact lenses available, each catering to a host of concerns. For example rigid gas permeable contacts take an extended period of time for wearers to get adjusted to the material. The most comfortable type is soft contacts. They usually remain unnoticed until something goes wrong with them.

Newer generation soft contact lenses such as silicone hydrogel contacts by Airsoft allows more oxygen to flow through your cornea. They keep your eyes moist & breathable.

4.Cleaning Solutions

There are various over the counter cleaning solutions available. Each comes with its own specific set of usage instructions. The most convenient & user friendly solution is no rub multi-purpose solution. It thoroughly disinfects your contacts from protein buildup, debris & bacteria that might have accumulated on the surface of the contacts.

Always and only resort to pharmacy manufactured cleaning solutions than relying on home based saline solutions. If your eyes are sensitive to chemicals or preservatives, donโ€™t switch between the brands unless you have a word from your eye care practitioner.

colored contact lenses

Circle contacts are medical devices and undeniably the handiest mode of vision correction. People around the world; irrespective of age, rely upon contacts due to innumerable benefits over glasses. However, these soft plastic devices may be troublesome which you should be able to diagnose on your own. In case nothing helps, you know where to go- yes, your eye doctor.

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