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Are Online Halloween Contact Lenses Safe?

white halloween contact lenses

Halloween contact lenses

Creating an awe-inspiring Halloween transformation for a dayโ€™s fun is not worth risking your vision. Halloween contact lenses are safe only when sourced from legitimate sources and that too after grabbing a fresh and valid prescription from an eye care professional. Halloween contact lenses whether purchased off the shelf or from a doctor are considered medical devices that should be handled and utilized accordingly.

Are Halloween Contact Lenses Sold Online Worth Buying?

Yes, completely โ€“ provided you ensure before buying how authentic is your Halloween store. Do not buy crazy contacts from pop up Halloween stores, street beauty salons, flea shops cosmeticโ€™s stores & mirror websites. Not all retailers online are involved in shady business but it is always wise to double check the credibility.

Do I Need Prescription for Novelty Contacts?

It is important to take note that your vendor stocks FDA cleared and ISO certified contact lenses. Even though you might not need vision correction you should always have a prescription at hand when purchasing decorative contacts. A visit to doctor when the holiday is closing could keep you well-informed about how your eyes are performing and if you are a right candidate of novelty contacts.

Are Halloween Contact Lenses Available in Prescription?

Halloween contact lenses come in variety of colors and designs. They are categorically divided into two classes. Crazy lenses may or may not be available in prescription but being lucky enough to find a prescription in SFX or theatrical lenses is out of the chance. ย Since SFX contacts are manufactured using a tint that completely masks your eyes; they obstruct vision and flow of oxygen. Therefore, it is pointless to manufacture these contacts in prescription.

Can I Wear Halloween Lenses? I am a Newbie.

Halloween contact lenses are being greatly misused. At Halloween even people having no prior experience with contact lenses try their luck with. They neglect the care & use contacts improperly. This is why eye doctors report a significant increase in number of patients visiting their clinics for a range of eye injuries from minor bruises to even corneal ulcers. It is important to handle Halloween contacts with meticulous care & follow the instructions printed on the label of contact lenses.

Its your duty to guard your eyes. We can only warn you and being warned is being armed. Better safe than sorry and request a prescription now from your optometrist. With a copy of prescription you can freely purchase Halloween contact lenses from just any eye care doctor and or..

white halloween contact lenses

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