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How to Make your Hosiery Tights Last Longer?


last longerNothing is more intimidating than adding a pair of almost new stocking to the pile of damaged hosiery essentials, every day you come back home. Thigh high socks and tights both are delicate leg wear that are prone to snagging and runs. Taking your shoe off to the unpleasant sight of your big toe poking out from your favorite stockings feels like a throbbing heart-attack, we admit. However, you don’t have to necessary quit wearing stockings since it is in your hands to extend their life. Follow the tips below to help your thigh high socks and hosiery tights last longer.

Freeze Thigh High Tights

This is just as quirky as it sounds. Buying a new pair of stockings and freezing them straight away helps constricting the fibers. Simply run your brand new stockings under copious water and freeze them over-night by storing in a plastic bag. Let them defrost & air dry the next day before trying to wear them.

Say No to Jewelry

Jewelry has caused more rips in your stockings than any other thing. Rings, studs, and bracelets tend to cause snagging on the delicate leg wear that later develop into runs and turn your favorite pair of tights mere garbage. Sheer hosiery is also affected by wisps, hay straws and grass. Be very careful before taking a stroll at the river bank off shoes when wearing tights.

Wash inside out

Thigh high socks and tights can be safely washed into the washer. To prevent socks orphanage it is advised to wash them in a pillow case or mesh bag before throwing them into the machine. Keep the cycle cold and avoid using fabric softener in the machine. It is recommended to wash thigh high socks and tights inside out to help get rid of the dead skin cells and dandruff clinging to your tights.


Rough scaly skin is a no no to sexy leg wear. Moisturize your legs before you try to pull up your thigh highs. Also keep your hands moisturized before handling your tights. Foil jagged ends of nails and trim them if necessary.

Wear with Care

It is important to be gentle with your delicate hosiery. When wearing thigh highs, be seated at peace. Pull your tights up the right way i.e. gather each leg at ankle carefully and pull it up smoothly to help maintain a uniform appearance. When you spot a snag, be quick and apply clear nail polish to prevent runs in your stockings.

Re purpose your Tights

Love your tights? Don’t worry you can re purpose your thigh high socks that is even creative & beautiful. Cut feet off the stockings and cut across each leg at every 3 to 4 inches to concoct hair scrunches. Thigh high stockings are one’s essential part of the wardrobe that cannot be avoided. Though they are delicate, they are capable of turning almost any outfit into a dream dress.

dream dress

What are your hacks to add to the list?