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Kagami Taiga Cosplay Wig: Scarlet Red+ Black

“It’s a beautiful mix of black and red, and I would say that it looks like a few different tones of red. I didn’t have to cut it much, actually, just a little, like one centimeter or two! It’s about 32 cm when you receive it. It’s a normal sized wig, and as usual with all wigs I have received from UNIQSO, it’s adjustable.ย I liked how easy Kagami Taiga wig was to wear, and I think it’s good for fashion and cosplay use. And just because it’s a short wig, it doesn’t mean you can’t do pretty, feminine looks with it! If you don’t cut it like I did, perhaps you can even style it with little pony tails, or just keep it is as it for extra length too!”