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How To Clean Contact Lens Case & FAQ

Keeping your contact lens cases clean is as important as having clean hands when putting on your contact lenses. Well, there’s no specific rule on how often you should wash your contact lens cases, but most experts will recommend cleaning it after every single use. So, what is the best way to clean contact lens cases? Can you clean contact lens cases with alcohol? Read on to find out.

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

How to Clean Contact Lens Cases the Right Way

how to clean contact lens case

Things to prepare

  • Freshly washed lint-free cloth
  • Cleaning solution
  • Multi-purpose solution
  • Cotton bud (optional)

Time needed: 10 minutes

Thoroughly washing contact lens cases are a lot easier than you think.

  1. Scrub the case, inside and out

    With a freshly washed lint-free cloth, gently scrub the interior and lid of the case with a cleaning solution. Use cotton bud (optional) for the place where it’s hardly reached by the cloth.

  2. Disinfect Properly

    Then, disinfect it with lukewarm water. Rinse it a few times.

  3. Rub it Clean

    Next, rub each section of the case for at least five seconds to make sure it’s fully disinfected.

  4. Rinse It

    Once you’re done cleaning off the impurities, rinse the case and lid with a multi-purpose solution

  5. Dry it

    Put it in a non-humid area and let it dry naturally.

How to Clean Contact Lens Case


FAQ To Cleaning Contact Lens Case

Can I Wash Contact Lens Cases with Tap Water?

Please don’t clean your contact lens cases with tap water. By doing so, the bacteria and germs found in water can cause serious eye infections. It’s still best to use a cleaning solution to clean and disinfect the cases accordingly.

Can I Wash Contact Lens Cases with Alcohol?

Strong chemicals such as alcohol solution is absolutely not recommended to clean contact lens cases. There’s no doubt that alcohol is a good disinfecting solution but it’s only ideal for other kinds of items such as beauty cleaning tools and so on.

Alcohol solution may also contain some sort of chemical that can damage your contact lens and ultimately cause problems to your eyes. In other words, alcohol is not the right choice to opt for as a contact lens case cleaner.

How Often Should You Wash Your Contact Lens Case?

It’s best to wash your contact lens cases on a daily basis, after each use, with a fresh solution. Remember to keep it open and dry in between cleanings. This way, you can ensure that your case is free from eye irritants and other dirt.

Read How Often to Clean Contact Lens Case & How to Store Contact Lens Case for a more detailed explanation.

Do I Need To Sanitize My Hands Before Washing Contact Lens Case?

Another thing that users often forget is to wash their hands clean before touching the contact lens case. Although lens cases do not come in direct contact with your eyes, it is important to keep your hands clean before handling the contact lens case for whatever reason.

When Do I Need To Replace the Case Instead of Cleaning?

Remember that all contact lens cases are for temporary use only. After three months of usage or until it’s contaminated, make sure that you replace your contact lens case with a brand new one. Alternatively, you could dispose of it once you’ve reached 100 uses. It all depends on which one comes first.

Can I Wash Contact Lens Cases With Boiling Water?

Of course, you can definitely disinfect your contact lens case by running it under boiling or scalding hot water. As soon as it’s clean and dry, fill the inner part of the case with cleaning solution to make sure it’s thoroughly clean and spotless.

Can I Wash Contact Lens Cases With Hydrogen Peroxide?

According to the FDA, it is not advisable to wash your contact lens case with hydrogen peroxide. This type of solution can cause a stinging and burning sensation. When this type of toxic solution enters directly into your eyes or on your contact lenses, it can get risky as it can severely harm your cornea.

Final Thought

The best way to clean a lens case is by using a proper solution. When you use the right tools, you’re saving your eyes from unwanted infections as well. Remember, being clean and hygienic is key to healthy eyes.


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