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Korean Skin Care: Am I too Young to Start Anti-Aging Products?

Korean skin care skin repair Guerisson 9 complex

Scientifically speaking your skin enjoys the terrific cell-turnover & resilience in your 20-something. Though everyone’s body behaves dramatically different than the other; the consensus of the beauty experts reveals that you are too young to start a proactive anti-aging cream until you enter your mid 30’s. Premature ageing has been the gravest concern though, to prevent which you should begin Korean skin care regime in your 20-something that effectively delays the natural process of ageing. Guerisson 9 Complex Korean skin care cream contains plant extracts that form a protective barrier against environmental damage & prevents formation of fine lines & wrinkles.

Wrinkle Prevention through Korean Skin Care Cream

We can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from harmful UVA & UV B rays. According to research ageing is characterized by damage caused by Sun- spots, hyper pigmentation, freckles & discoloration are all signs of ageing. Sun rays hampers the skin’s ability to produce collagen due to which skin become thin, dry & brittle.

Korean skin care skin repair Guerisson 9 complex

Guerisson 9 Complex Korean skin care repair cream contains retinols from plant extracts & antioxidants that help combating free radicals. It is known for its patent ingredient, “Horse Oil” that shares the chemistry with human sebum thus penetrates deeper into skin for intense repair. Korean skin care experts recommend exfoliation using a gentle facial scrub once in a week to slough down the dead skin cells. While you are in your 20- something, your skin quickly regenerates on its own this is why using an anti-aging cream is more of a luxury than a necessity.

20- Something Anti-Aging Korean Skin Care Concept

Prevention & protection is the thumb rule. Make sure you slather layers of a good SPF sunscreen before going out in the sun. Using a good moisturizer containing retinol & antioxidants form a preventative barrier against environmental aggressors, stress & hormonal fluctuations.

What you don’t need yet

At this age you don’t really need products that claim to increase collagen production and stimulate youth proteins. Unless your skin is overly dry, you don’t need a heavy moisturizer either. Instead using a simple Korean skin care repair cream that is light weight & hydrating will do the job. Guerisson 9 Complex Korean skin care cream boasts a buttery texture that restores oil moisture balance, softens dry skin & lifts skin up for a youthful & plump appearance . It soothes inflammation & helps reduce fine lines – laugh lines, crow’s feet etc.

Have you already constructed an anti-ageing skin care regime? Which ingredients do you think have contributed so far in maintaining a healthy texture?