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Lady Bug Transformation with Ash Blue Ichinose Kotomi Wig

After Styling

This shoulder wig length with angular bangs possesses a deep ash blue hue that is striking yet elegant. Ichinose Kotomi wig has soft tresses that are 100% heat resistant so you can freely style it using straightener for Lady Bug transformation.


“To style the wig into Ladybug’s hairstyle, I parted the hair into pigtails and put them in place. As I was doing that, I left out a little bit for the parts that stick out and enough to cover the parts I was teasing. I trimmed the bangs first and fixed up the front. Then, before I cut the length, I teased the pigtails. Once I had teased them enough and into shape, I took down the parts that I left out to cover the teased hair. Using lots of hairspray I shaped it into the pigtails. Once they dried I cut them into shape. “– Read complete review for more pictures and details