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Lol Ahri Cosplay with Sweety Akaten Yellow Lenses & Cosplay Wig


sweety akaten yellow

I love the opaque shade of yellow, the outer line is brown istead of the classic black and it gives a special touch to the whole look, the design is also great and perfect for cosplay, especially for Ahri! The diameter is quite big as you can see in the last close up pic so they’re perfect for cosplay ๐Ÿ˜€ they’re also really comfortable so if you need to wear them in a convention you can go without worry! They come with prescription as well. You can get themย HERE. More colors for this modelย here.


The shade of blonde and the pink stripes are totally perfect! I love the amazing quality of this wig, super soft, really easy to comb and adjust, you can easily put the ears without problems with the tiny pins under them! It’s a bit curly when you get it, but it needs just a brush and in a few second your wig will be perfect! Sorry again for putting the ears in the wrong way, shame of me ahah! You can get itย HERE.