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Kai’sa Kda Lol Wig + Sweety K Premier Violet Contacts

Sweety K Premier Violet
Sweety K Premier Violet
Look how beautiful these lenses are! The color is a vibrant light violet that covers really well my natural brown eyes, the design is really cute too and fits perfectly many different cosplays. As you can see the enlargment is really good, perfect if you’re looking for a pair of circle lenses for a dolly look :D! As every Sweety lenses they’re really comfortable and they come with prescription. This pair is perfect if you’re looking for the perfect pair to cosplay Kai’sa Kda! You can buy themย HERE. And you can check the otherย colorsย too ’cause they’re amazing!
The fiber is amazing as every Uniqso wig! It’s really soft and easy to comb, every detail is well done and it’s also really easy to put the little buns in the head! It comes with four really well done braids too! You can comb it with your fingers too ’cause is incredible soft and easy to adjust, you can feel how high quality it is! You can get itย HERE.