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Lolita Accessories : Sweety K Blytheye Blue

Lolita wig 406A
This is one of my favorite models so far! I love this gorgeous blue shade that covers really well my natural brown eyes and still looks so amazing and not too big. The design is simple but for this reason it is perfect for a lot of different cosplays and occasions, this is perfect for every eye color too. The diameter is natural but it still gives a cute enlargement effect to your eyes, this is my favorite one! As every Sweety lenses I already tried this pair is really comfortable, they come with prescription as well. You can get themย HERE.
Lolita wig 406A
The wig is a bit less wavy in real life and it lost a bit of hair, but the design is gorgeous and I love the color combination so far! As every Uniqso wig the fiber is really soft and heat resistant, so you can style it as you want. It hasn’t the classic lace front net but I always cut it so it wasn’t a problem at all :). This wig is great if you’re looking for a new one for a pastel goth look! You can get itย HERE.