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What makes My Contact Lenses Dry?

dry contact lenses

dry contact lenses

Contact lenses are soft water loving plastics that need to stay soaked in the solution or else they will become dry. Dehydration is the major factor that contributes to leaving your lenses hard and beady. Contact lenses need meticulous care and diligent handling whether or not you are wearing them. Some other factors that make your contacts dry are as follows:

1.Topping Off Solution

It is important you change the solution and soak your contact lenses every time in the fresh supply of multi purpose solution. Topping off solution is an unhygienic practise that may lead to accumulation of bacteria, protein debris & dirt from the environment. This leaves your contact lenses sticky causing blurred/hazy vision. Contact lenses that are improperly cleaned will feel uncomfortable because they are vulnerable to get drying sooner than expected.

2.Weather Conditions

Severe weather conditions such as snow, wind chills, direct air from the vents and abrupt temperature differences may turn your lenses dry. It is important you wear safety goggles when out doors with wearing contact lenses. Using humidifiers indoors will regulate the air and help keeping your contact lenses moist.

3.Alcohol & Smoking

Alcohol and smoking leaves your body dehydrated and so your eyes. As your eyes stop producing enough tears, your lenses will become dry. It may be very uncomfortable to tolerate lenses with dry eyes. Since alcohol causes dehydration, it is suggested to increase the fluid intake before hitting a party where you expect to consume alcohol.

4.Digital Strain

Since working on digital screen reduces the number of times you blink, your eyes may feel strained and dehydrated. It is believed your ability to work with contact lenses reduce to half when working on a digital screen. Using Rohto Cool Eye drops may help relieve the tension and improve your work efficiency.

5.Dry Eye Syndrome

We all know by now that what role do our tears play in a life of contact lens wearer. They help contact lenses float swiftly. Tear film is composed of three layers i.e. water, fatty oil and mucus. A disturbance in any of the three layers leads to dry eye syndrome, which makes it almost impossible to tolerate contacts.

6.Contact Lenses with High Water Content

Contacts that come with higher water content may get dry too fast. These lenses pull water from your eyes in an effort to stay hydrated. Using re-wetting drops may help alleviate the issue. Make sure you use eye drops that are compatible with lenses or else they will fog up the contacts and turn your vision hazy.