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Measures to Prevent Dry Eyes this Festive Season

Dry eyes can be dangerous and if left untreated it can lead to complications such as permanently impairing your vision. Persistent dry eyes also mean irritation & corneal abrasions along with decreased contact lens tolerance. It is important to get into action with the first few symptoms of dry eye syndrome. It is a medical condition that is distinguished by blurred/hazy vision with or without your prosthetic devices. An inadequate production of tears is the major cause and the situation worsens as you get into dryer climatic regions, make less efforts to stay hydrated & over wear your contact lenses.

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5 Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes

1.Limit using Digital Devices

Although people who wear contact lenses are prone to developing dry eye syndrome, the other half of the population is equally at the threat. Besides an unhealthy tear film, the leading cause of dry eye syndrome is the โ€œblue lightโ€ that is emitted from all digital devices. From teen agers to elderly, everyone is spending more than recommended time on their phones, digital game devices, lap tops etc. Since LEDs contain blue light emitting diodes, they lay strain on eyes leading to dryness. Digital devices also need concentration that reduces the number of time you blink your eyes. With every blink, a fresh supply of tear film coats the eyes that keeps them healthy & moisturised. It is important to take intervals every 25 minutes when spending longer duration on digital devices. Rohto Tired Eye Relief Aqua eye drops are known to provide immediate comfort from digital strain.

2.Do not Over Wear Contact Lenses

Contact lens may aggravate the discomfort as they block oxygen permeation- another major factor of dry eye syndrome. Over wearing contact lenses everyday turn eyes drier and irritated. Use Rohto Tired Eye Relief Cool to help reduce decongestion of blood capillaries.

3.Use Contact Lens Eye Drops

If you wear contact lenses, it is highly advised to use contact lens compatible eye drops. Eye drops keep the surface of eyes lubricated that makes it easier to tolerate contact lenses with dry eyes. Eye drops such as Rohto C Cube are triple action formula that provide immediate comfort, care & help cleaning your eyes from irritants.

4.Get a Humidifier

As you move out in the windy weather or stay indoor where the air is dry & less humid, your eyes begin to turn dry. Indoor heated air does not wreak havoc only on your eyes but skin too. Use a humidifier to keep things under control as the weather takes a major shift.

5.Avoid Alcohol & Smoke

Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking leaves your body dehydrated. Drink 2 glasses of water for every shot of vodka you take to keep the balance of body fluids. Crazy drinking also causes vomiting that further leads to dehydration.

Since the festive season is just around the corner, you wouldnโ€™t want to kill the fun going against the tips suggested above. Make sure you are wearing wide brim hats and sunglasses when you hit outside on a sunny day. The accumulated snow on the roadside reflects the sharpest UV rays that may harm your eyes. Remember, Xmas holidays are more about spending quality time with family than spending on TV & digital screens. Get yourself travel friendly lens kits & eye drops at the best prices possible!