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Preventing Eye Injuries: Halloween Crazy Lenses

Halloween crazy lenses

Halloween crazy lenses

Every year one million people in United States suffer from eye injuries according to a rough estimate by WebMD. There are countable factors involved, however the most prevalent is “neglecting to wear an appropriate protective eyewear”. Eye injuries occur daily around home working in a kitchen and dealing with a heat emitting appliance from too close, in a lab, working with automobiles & handling batteries, acid etc. Patients also report to hospitals every year in numbers, specifically more at Halloween due to developing eye sores & abrasions linked to Halloween crazy lenses. Doctors warn against wearing crazy lenses without first obtaining a prescription followed by an eye examination that must be performed by an authorized ophthalmologist.

Do not Purchase Crazy Lenses from Flea Shops

More than 30 million people wear contact lenses alone in the United States out of which, only 9.1% suffer from contact lens related eye injuries. Fortunately, most of these are fairly minor and warrants no concern. The saddest thing is, people tend to neglect all warnings from health care professionals as the fun night of Halloween approaches. Wearing unapproved, over-the-counter crazy lenses, purchased from novelty shops, beauty salons & flea market doubles the risk of infections. Usually these cheap crazy lenses for Halloween in novelty designs from checkerboard to reptilian eye, carrying grotesque & violent shapes are usually sold in flea markets (mushroom growth) that outnumber the authorized dealers/retailers & ophthalmologist dealing in genuine contact lenses.

Crazy Lenses
A happy customer wearing FDA approved crazy lenses from Uniqso

These substandard crazy lenses may be tempting for your pocket carrying a ridiculously insane price tag but may be threatening for your vision. They may obstruct vision, cause eye injuries and scratches, corneal abrasions, eye sores & inflammation. The use of harmful dyes in printing & substandard plastic leave cornea injured & in severe cases may cause permanent blindness. Cheap Halloween lenses are not sterile, neither do they are guaranteed to reach you in a sterile solution. This means your crazy lenses may have already been contaminated with bacteria before you even break open the seal.

Immediately remove your crazy lenses if you notice

  1. Burning/ stinging sensation
  2. Watery eyes
  3. Inflammation of cornea
  4. Blurred/hazy vision accompanied by itching & redness

Eyes are not worth the risks. A pair of worth $10 contact lenses may be a huge call to action from the seller but don’t let these cunning vendors play with your health. Contact lenses even cosmetic & novelty are classified as medical prosthetic devices and you are directed to undergo an eye examination before planning to wear them. Not everyone is a healthy candidate for contact lenses. Only purchase your contacts from a nearby authorized eye care professional (especially if you are a beginner). Alternatively, you can also obtain your circle lenses online – prescription & crazy, at half of a price than that of an eye doctor. Choices are open-ended, so make your mind before you take a step! Halloween is a fun night- Do not end up turning it into a freaking night mare.

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