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Short Black Rivaille Wig: Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger Cosplay

Very dark & very sleek this wig is perfect for Jumin whose hair sometimes appear black & sometimes brown. This cosplay wig is actually Rivaille character specific cosplay wig but can be used for other characters. Since the wig is heat resistant, you can style it the way you want, fearlessly.

black wig 3

The wig is quite thick and it’s layered. The parting was on the opposite side, but it was so easy to style it like this, I’m amazed!
Having tried many other wig stores before, I have to admit that Uniqso is one of my all time favorites. I’ve been using their wigs for the past two years and was never disappointed!
They might be a little pricy, but you  get just what you see on the photo and you can definitely expect heat resistant thick wigs. — Product review by Lokeva