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Short Blonde Bob Wig- Armin Arlart

blonde bob

We needed a generic blonde bob, and this one did not disappoint – like most of Uniqso’s short, blunt wigs, it’s very thick – thick enough that you can part the bangs just about anywhere – with a decently sized wig cap.  If you’re actually using this wig for Armin the bangs will absolutely need to be trimmed – they’re pretty long and the very front hair flip should be brushed out a little.  I’m guessing this is so that you can cut them to your preferred length, but out of the bag they’re long enough to be sideswept.

Bob wig blonde

My personal preference is toward wigs that have more of a matte sheen than a bright shine – I feel like they photograph better and also that they have a little more heft because the fiber isn’t as slick.  Plus I just think it looks nicer in photography. – cowbuttcrunchies