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Short Blue & Red Synthetic Wigs for Masculine Appearance

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Synthetic wigs take styling much easier than human hair wigs. Creating spikes, or parting it to make your wigs look more natural is not a trouble when you have a heat resistant synthetic wig. We have seen a lot of feminine wigs with long layers & soft bangs. Masculine wigs deserve the same attention since they help creating artistic hair styles. Shorter wigs hold spikes much commendably than longer. Shugo Chara & Zero Kara cosplay wigs are the best wigs for masculine appearances. They are thick, bouncy & poofy.

The wigs are free from plastic shine, so feel free to wear them at cosplay and photo shoot fearlessly. They don’t tend to reflect too much of light . Since they boast a lot of hair fiber they carry room for trimming. Follow the wig tutorial to style your wigs including creating spikes, deflating, or parting.