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Should I be using Contact Lenses if I Work at Computer?


Gamers, graphic designers, coders and anyone else who spend major portion of their day working at a computer screen are at a greater risk of vision imperfection. The visual acuity can be improved either by using spectacles or glasses- whatever suits your lifestyle. It is said that contact lenses should be preferred by programmers as they keep your hands free that otherwise stay busy settling the fidgeting glasses.

Issues that a computer user may face

Using computer excessively increases the risk of adverse effects on vision. It turns eyes drier because staring reduces the blinking rate. It also causes general eye strain, eye sore, heavy eye lids and fatigue. It is not a good idea to continue working at computer without any vision correction mode when you find it growing weak. Squinting adds more to the trouble and causes your eye sight to go blur & hazy. Always use contact lenses to help prevent eye strain.


Depending on the type of contact lenses, you may find your eyes even drier so keep lubricating drops at hand. Also remember the rule of 20-20-20 when working at computer. After every 20 minutes look 20ft away from your computer screen for 20 seconds. This introduces ample oxygen supply to your eyes & improves natural blink rate which replenishes the tear film.

Do not over wear contact lenses. In case you have sensitive eyes you would want to give your eyes a rest for 30 mins to 1 hours. This is a no brainer that contact lenses are one of the handiest & comfortable mode of vision correction that relieves eye strain, enhance visual acuity & keep headaches at the bay. Talk to your eye doctor before making a plunge. After thorough examination, your doctor will provide you the necessary information from maintenance to inserting & removal of contact lenses.


Take extra measurements to protect your eyes from the damage caused by digital screens. Moderation is the key. Ignoring your weakening eyesight will lead towards irrevocable damage. Get your prescription contact lenses today instead of crying over spilt milk.