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Stay Warm this winter without Artificial Heat through Right Products


It is necessary to keep your home ideally insulated in winter. Besides wreaking havoc on your utility bill, heating appliances damage both your hair & skin. To keep yourself warm without cracking the thermostat, it is wise to eat healthy & make use of right clothing.

5 Steps to Stay Warm yet Hydrated

1.Insulate your Home

Large glass windows are the main culprit of letting the heat escape from home. Keep your openings & window cracks completely covered with heavy drape curtains to reinforce heat. Glass is a bad insulator so make sure you only open curtains when there is ample sunlight coming in. To prevent heat loss, draw the curtains close as soon as the sun starts coming down.

2.Wear Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks keep you warm by providing an impressive snug. Depending on the fiber your thigh high socks are made of, you may find them highly comfortable. Thigh high socks are good at keeping perspiration at bay & prevent foot infections.

3.Wear Kigurumi

Kigurumi PJs are one of the best unisex one piece jumpsuits. They are highly recommended for lounging, romantic dates and a sound sleep. Made from fleece, Kigurumi PJs are very warm, comfortable & cozy that helps trapping body heat inside.

4.Wear Cheap Wigs for Women

Cheap wigs are made from synthetic fibers that do not behave like human hair wigs but may appear same depending on the quality. Wigs keep your head warm & accessorizing it with a beanie or a woolen cap further provides warmth against snowy breezes.


Exercising raises your body temperature by fastening up your heart rate. Get moving until your body breaks into sweat. Be very mindful of keeping your body properly covered since sweating will drop your body temperature afterwards especially if you are under-dressed.

Unless it is extremely cold, you must avoid using heating appliances indoor. Keep your skin & hair hydrated by improving insulation around your home & staying covered!