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DIY Fingerless Gloves using Old Knee High Socks

Finger less gloves from old knee high socks

arm warmers spirit arms from socks

“Everything old, is new again”. True that fashion keeps coming back. Fingerless gloves are a beautiful expression of one’s vanity & pride that dates back to 16th century. Besides being functional, they add femininity & help you enhance your style statement. Fingerless gloves are easily available but you might consider saving few bucks by creating your own fingerless gloves using knee high socks. Upcycle knee high socks- it is fun & greener way of recycling.

What is the Purpose of Fingerless Gloves?

Before you spend your energy converting your old/orphaned socks into fingerless gloves, you would want to know how practical these gloves are. Fingerless gloves are available in varying cut-off finger lengths. Usually they cover palms & reach half of your knuckles but sometimes they are completely fingerless.

Making Arm Warmers/ Fingerless Gloves using Knee High Socks

Finger less gloves from old knee high socks

Old knee high socks make the best fingerless gloves with zero efforts. Since conventional gloves may be clumsy, deterring the dexterity; fingerless gloves made with discarded knee socks are a good rescue when you want to stay both – wicked cool & warm.

Cotton knee high socks are warm & strong. However, they are terrible at keeping your feet dry & may lose shape overtime. People with athletic activities might want to turn their cotton knee high socks into arm warmers since they provide poor friction control that runners need the most. Fingerless gloves made from socks provide you full tactile control. With knee high socks turned into gloves, you can easily handle multi-touch capacitive screens whilst still keeping your hands warm on a cold day.

Since cotton knee socks offer interesting patterns & colors, these lightweight thin knee high socks look outstanding when worn as warmers. They provide better functionality over woolen gloves & mittens & keep your fingers free for a firm grip.

Fingerless gloves are a fashion necessity that never go out of style. Wear them as an edgy fashion statement or for practical reasons such as to continue stitching or embroidery. They have been here for centuries and will continue to exist. Make yours  before discarding old knee socks for maximum control in winter.