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Styling/Cutting Bettie Bangs: Tutorial using Naruto – Orochimaru Wig

black wig
Before & After Styling Bettie bangs

“โ€œCosplay Wig – Naruto – Orochimaru isย natural looking, like having super healthy looking thick black hair. It is very thick, I was able to cut bangs into the wig and still have really full thick hair in both the bangs, and length of the hair. Absolutely perfect for the bettie page inspired look I was going for with this wig. Even the top of the wig looks natural, and can be styled/ parted in multiple directions.

Final thoughts: Love this wig. It may just be a simple black wig but its one of my favorites now. Was very easy to cut and style. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a affordable black wig. Its like having beautiful natural black hair, without any hair dye commitment!” Read more of the review

Check out the tutorial Bettie Bangs below using the same wig