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Kawaii Maid Transformation using Maid Waitress Costume & Lolita Wig BW

maid wig
Kawaii Maid Transformation

French maids usually fall on the seductive side. If ย on the other hand, you want to get into a French maid costume without conflicting with your lolita personality then here you go. Jack guides you to complete Kawaii makeup transformation using black French maid costume & Lolita wig BW.ย 

maid wig 3

The French maid costume as you can see comes with a pinafore, skirt, gloves & a head dress. This is a classic example of a traditional French maid costume that is typically black & white. You can pair your skirt with either black stockings or preferably white if you are aiming to stay cute. With Lolita wig BW you have liberty to add sophistication to your persona. The wig has soft tresses and pastel blue hue with a pastel pink gradient effect. It coordinates amazingly with the complimentary hair pieces, embedded for style & gratification.