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Sweety Glitter 2 Tones Sky: Vivid Blue Lenses

Sweety Glitter 2 Tones Sky
Sweety Glitter 2 Tones Sky
Review Sweety Glitter 2 Tones Sky

This is one of its kind fusion of colors that will add sparkle & life to your eyes. Sweety Glitter 2 Tones Sky despite being a subtle blue color in its origin, make a very noticing impact. These lenses leave your eyes attention-grabbing by adding a hue that can not be identified as one. Sweety Glitter Sky lenses as with the reflection of light may seem to shift tones from sky blue to grey-blue & some times turquoise blue. Even though the enlargement effect is nothing very striking, they do add an illusion of bigger and bolder eyes- credit goes to the fuzzy limbal ring.

sky glitter 1 sky glitter 2