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Thigh High Socks for Different Occassions

What exactly are Thigh High Socks?

thigh socks

Stocking or thigh high socks are more than just a cloth, they are not mere linger or a hosiery item but are the style statement as well. They serve you on a number of events. They drape you, provide you comfort and communicate a lot to your viewer. Term Thigh high socks is generally referred to the garment that covers legs from toe up to your thighs. They vary in stuff, colors and transparency.

When should I wear Thigh High Socks?

Thigh socks is a great accessory to be worn at very corporate events or at casual parties and jamborees. You can specifically choose the stuff to wear at different occasions.

School and Work places:


Working and sitting at a place for 6-8 hours needs a great deal of stamina. If your thigh socks are not comfortable, you will remain distracted the entire day. Unlike panty hose such high socks are made up of less porous and breezy stuff so that your skin may breathe even in the most unfavourable conditions. You are less likely to develop crotch infections because of the proper air flow. They keep your legs warm in intense winters as well. High quality thigh high socks are a four season show!

Thigh High Socks for Formal Wear

You may choose to wear thigh high socks that are totally opaque at your work place whilst keeping your top; thigh long. School going girls should go for cotton thigh high socks that provide the maximum dangling of the body and give you style with comfort. Cotton thigh long socks are available in different designs. They are knee long embellished with cute characters on the top or are top laced to bring a grace to your attire.

At sexy date:

sexy dte 3

O yeah! You can wear thigh high socks made up of transparent nylon to dangle between revealing and unrevealing. A short hip long skirt with thigh high nylon socks will help you look like a hot chic. You should not wear Garter belt stockings beneath short skirts, they show up and don’t look good aesthetically. You should rather go for self-sustained thigh high socks that use materials like elastics to stay in place.


costume uniqso

A number of cosplay transformations use thigh high socks. Depending upon the nature of the character, you may choose to wear a decorated and stylish thigh long socks for elegance or you may keep it simply revealing and super sexy with your mini skirt.

People who don’t wish to show their flesh, should not wear thigh socks. Thigh high socks may reveal some of your skin when worn with a mini skirt. It is appealing and inviting in parties and is not meant for recluses.

Dress communicate a lot to the viewer. They are not only the advocates of the personality but are the style statement of a person. Thigh high socks if chosen wisely may give your attire an energetic kawaii boost. Thigh socks are sexy and smart. They tightly hug your legs to keep you in shape and provide maximum air flow to let you feel comfortable in your outfit.