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Vibrant Blue-Green Lenses: Sweety Puffy 3 Tones Turquoise

Sweety Puffy 3 tones turquoise

Sweety Puffy 3 tones turquoise

These lenses are called “puffy” because they make your iris pop-out. The illusion of the dome shape & the amalgamation of three magical hues create a jaw-dropping big eye look. The colors blend in nicely without leaving a hint that you are wearing fake contacts. Sweety Puffy 3 tones turquoise are strongly vibrant & may appear kind of teal against dark brown eyes. The reflection of light make these lenses look even more alluring.

Sweety Puffy 3 tones Turquoise

I have another puffy series but from a different brand, but Sweety lens are quite interesting and it is a cheaper alternative to other brands; they carry a lot of similar looking designs from popular but expensive brands. –ย