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Halloween Contacts: 4 Insanely Crazy Halloween 2017 Transformations

Sweety White Demon Halloween Contacts

Halloween contacts in pink

Although its freaking awesome to join Halloween parades and be a walking dead; nothing could beat the fear factor you spread by making a terrific individual appearance. While the ghouls march home to home for trick or treating and zombies devour humanity, you have got enough time to be as creative as you get. Halloween is most anticipated by makeup Gurus since these guys have given a new definition to the celebration. With Halloween contacts & exceptional grip at SFX makeup these internet sensations are giving tough time to silver screen’s artists.

Below we are sharing 4 insanely crazy Halloween transformations of 2017! Better, be warned! Run for your life if you happen to see these creepy monsters on the Halloween eve. They might just appear from nowhere.

Brace yourself- adrenaline alert!

Halloween Rundown begins:

1.Corpse Bride: EOS Crazy F46Whiteout Halloween Contacts

Eos White out Halloween Contacts

You gotta agree with us. This has to be the best Corpse Bride transformation we have seen in ages. This rotten Emily makeup look makes us get curled up into a ball out of fear. The eyes don EOS crazy white out contacts that make her look completely dead & expression less. Head over to Alexa poletti’s channel for the mind blowing video makeup tutorial

2. Flesh Mongering Zombie: White Demon F26 Halloween Contacts

Sweety White Demon Halloween Contacts

If this does not curdle your blood; we bet nothing would. This is a true depiction of a zombie roaming around hungrily seeking for human flesh & blood. Be ware of the bushes in the dark or else otherwise zombie might just attack to mesh on your flesh.

3. Pennywise from IT: Colorvue Crazy Lens Voldemort

Colorvue Voldemort Halloween Contacts

Absence of Pennywise is unlikely to happen this Halloween. Don’t be alarmed by the sight of frightening clown – this Halloween has already been taken over by Pennywise. “Enough for Georgie, Enough for the rest of the world”

4. Chameleons – Sheryl Nome Pink Wig

This makeup look is a very fine example of fine arts. Involving body paints andย  a creative concoction of skills, this 3D masterpiece gets as realistic as alive color changing chameleon!

We are leaving you with goose bumps. Its time to fight or fly! Get your last minute Halloween costume ready & have fun tricking!