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Notes on Storing Cosplay Costumes & Accessories

cosplay costumes and wigs

cosplay costumes and wigs

Cosplay costumes should always be stored away from sunlight and moisture once they are cleaned and dried. Human sweat and damp garments may attract mildew, which may be tough to get out of. Cosplay costumes should be stored in a cedar trunk or a plastic bin with enough space to hold your delicate accessories. If your cosplay costumes are taking up the whole space in your home, you can even buy storage at a professional where they will be taking care of your cosplay costumes until you need them again.

Storing Velvet, Silk & Leather Cosplay Costumes

Not all fabrics are to be dealt the same way. Cosplay costumes containing the real velvet details and leather patches must never be stored folded. Folding leather and velvet garments may leave them permanently creased. Lay them flat with paper sheets in between the layers or else the fabric will stick on to each other.

Laying paper sheets in between the layers of the fabric with heavy and intricate hand embellishment (such as beads, glitters, sequins) also help. Or else otherwise they will get tugged up and loosen, damaging the entire embroidery pattern.

Silk cosplay costumes should be stored in dry and dark closet. Since silk is a natural fiber, it needs air. Do not store in plastic. If it has velvet details, lay paper in between the folds or otherwise velvet may stain the silk.

Storing Painted Props and Accessories

Cosplay costumes and accessories that are hand painted should be taken special care of. Store them in a separate box away from the other garments. Since your storage box could catch on heat from the environment, it will transfer paint from the props to any thing stored close by.

Storing Gravity Defying Cosplay Accessories

Accessories that have a gravity defying shape such as helmets and wigs should be stored with stuffing or else otherwise they will go flat over time. Store wigs by covering them in a hair net either resting on its front/back or on a Styrofoam wig head away from direct sunlight, heat & dust.

Never fold wigs! Have longer wigs? braid them.

The key to keep your cosplay costumes looking new is to have a round of maintenance every year. Run a quality check at least twice in year on your storage bins to fight against the possible access of mold eating up your garments or sunlight leading to the faded details.