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Can I Wear Colored Contacts during Seasonal Infections?

influenza and contact lenses

This is a diverse topic to start with. Contact lenses are not directly related to seasonal break outs however, you might want to observe caution.

influenza and contact lenses

Contact lenses help you correct vision though some people would only wear lenses to change the way they look. It is important that you give your colored contacts a rest during the illness. Fever and added medication can turn your eyes dry that leads to the tear imbalance. A good quality tear film is needed to help your lenses float. However, a reduction in the tears is most likely to affect contact lens tolerance. Experts thus suggest to completely halt wearing lenses if you have been unlucky enough to catch the strongest symptoms of the seasonal cold & flu.

Is it Fine to Continue Wearing Colored Contacts during Flu & Cold?

Flu and cold make you feel feverish. It leads to burning eyes, stuffy or watery nose & stiff muscles. Although wearing colored contacts for a few hours shall not hurt, it is advisable to minimize the usage as much as possible until the flu symptoms begin to fade. Since the germs may travel from your hands to eyes, it is best advised to completely stop wearing prescription contacts if you have been suffering from runny nose. Headache that is a common symptom of flu can leave your eyes strained. Wearing contacts when one’s eyes are already tired may aggravate the headache leading to severe discomfort.

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What should I do with Colored Contacts after Recovering from Flu?

It is a rare occurrence that colored contacts become too contaminated from cold & flu to be completely sanitized with the lens disinfectant. You do not need to throw your colored lenses or replace them if they feel fine. However, you would like to give your contacts a quick rinse with the disinfectant. Please avoid rinsing with saline solution since it does not contain any enzymes to kill the bacteria. Saline can rinse your lenses from surface dirt but will be unaffected on bacteria.

Okay, What about Allergic Infections?

pink eye disease & contact lenses

Allergic infections that affect your eyes horrendously such as pink eye (conjunctivitis) must ring the bells for you. If your eyes have been discharging a yellow beady liquid, it is critically important you put off your lenses right away. Seasonal breakouts caused by suspended air pollutants (smoke, pollen, chemicals in the swimming pool etc.) may grow worse in presence of contact lenses. Furthermore, the discharge will cloud the lenses obstructing your vision. Depending on the severity of the infection or if you suspect that your contacts might have contracted the bacteria from your condition, it is best advised you throw the pair. Your eyes are not worth another infection and guarding them to the optimal health is none’s but your responsibility. Try daily disposable contact lenses to reduce the chances of contamination. Also never share your contacts since it has been one of the major factor that contributes to the eruption of seasonal breakouts.

colored contacts

Most often your doctor will recommend you to switch to a different brand of prescription contacts with a new lens disinfectant if they find you allergic to some of the ingredients. A frequent lens replacement schedule stops the infection from recurring. Do not forget to get yourself a new sanitized contact lens case after you switch back to annual replacement contacts once your eyes have been fully recovered.

Last but not the least, meet your doctor in person & discuss your symptoms before you make any decision involving your eyes.