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Contact Lenses- A Necessity to Personal Disaster Kits


A disaster kit helps you when you are vulnerable to killing environmental conditions after a sudden natural calamity. Personal disaster kits should contain prescription medicines, female hygiene & sanitary necessities including first aid essentials. Contact lenses should be provided in every disaster kit since some people cannot move around without their vision correction devices.

A source warned people living in homes at risk of natural disasters to keep their kits ready including contact lenses & supplies at hand. The source advised to keep fresh contact lenses along with the cases & solution in a nearby bag that you could access without having to roam around in the house when you rush for an evacuation.

Also carry a spare pair of reading glasses just in case. It is advised to keep enough pairs of daily disposable contact lenses since it is almost impossible to keep your lenses hygienically clean when you are under an effect of a natural disaster.

Keep all the supplies in an easy to carry light weight emergency survival kit that you can use at home or carry along if you must evacuate.

A personal survival kit will help you stay safe & meet your needs until rescuers approach & discover about your existence. Emergency kits are prepared for a minimum duration of three days. A kit that contains contact lenses will help you moving to a safer place since when you have visual acuity you lack at nothing.