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How Soft Contact Lenses are Better than GP Contacts?

Air Optix Hydra Glyde Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are available in soft and GP material where the former is more comfortable than the latter. Conversely; GP contacts are more reliable, durable & are known to reduce the risk of infections. Soft contact lenses took over RGP lenses due to the convenience & comfort they have to offer. Since GP lenses need an adaptation period to be as comfortable as soft lenses, they are less preferred despite the advantage of offering sharper visual acuity.

Soft contact lenses are made from water loving plastic that remains soft & pliable when kept in moisture. As you leave them dry, they become hard & fragile. EW contact lenses are made using a newer technology & advanced material โ€œsilicone hydrogelโ€ that allows 5 times more oxygen to your cornea while keeping your eyes hydrated. Since they let your eyes breathe, EW contact lenses are safe to be worn while you sleep. However to reduce the risks of infections, irritation & inflammation EW contacts are available in Bi-Weekly or monthly disposable replacement period.

Understanding Extended Wear Contact Lenses in Detail

Today, contacts are available in several different types to treat refractive index errors. Although contact lenses have been a technology boon, the huge variety has made choosing the right product a complex job. Extended wear contacts are a variant of soft lenses made from water loving plastic that is approved by FDA to leave in eyes overnight. The purpose of wearing EW contact lenses is to wake up every day with crisp vision.

Patients who need serious vision correction may prefer EW contact lenses over spectacles due to various reasons. Extended wear lenses are daily wear disposable soft contacts that you wear for extended period of time unlike regular lenses. EW contacts require minimal care & are approved to be left in eyes for straight 7 days. However, AirOptix Night & Day by Alcon & PureVision by Bausch+Lomb have received FDA approval of up to 30 days of continuous wear. It is recommended to take the lenses off once a week for cleaning & disinfection.

Safety with Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Doctors recommend to take them off every night before you go to sleep to minimize the risk of contact lens induced infections. Eye practitioners have a consensus that sleeping with your lenses in carries potential risks of irrevocable damage despite them being safe for overnight wear. Thus, doctors now encourage patients to take EW contact lenses off prior to going to bed every night.

Air Optix Hydra Glyde Contact Lenses

Extended wear disposable lenses limit protein and lipid accumulation as they are frequently replaced. Unfortunately, not everyone can tolerate extended wear lenses for this length of time. Some patients are not able to wear lenses at night at all. It can be a hard decision choosing the lenses yourself therefore it is strictly recommended to meet your eye care practitioner. Patients with special vision correction needs such as astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus etc may be suggested to use GP EW contacts. Schedule your appointment with your eye doctor today or buy 1 Day extended wear contact lenses for added comfort, convenience and optimal visual acuity.