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Korean Skincare: Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

Replace chemical laden products with korean skin care products

treating dry skin with Korean skin care products

Although dry and dehydrated skin both are characterized by almost similar symptoms, it is necessary to learn the difference between both. The former is a skin type whereas later is a skin condition. Any skin can become dehydrated and not just dry. Dry & dehydrated skin jot down a series of uncomfortable skin problems from stretchiness & bruises to a lack-lustrous texture. Dry skin contributes most to the addition of wrinkles & fine lines. Using Korean skin care products could help reducing the symptoms since the organic ingredients they are sourced from pose minimum side effects.

How to Differentiate between Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Dry skin is most likely a dehydrated skin but dehydrated skin is not always a dry skin type. Dryness can be tackled by the topical use of emollients but dehydrated skin is a disorder to heal which you need internal treatment. Dehydrated skin can be easily identified by sunken skin with discoloration and flakey patches that literally comes peeling off. Skin peels later leaves bruises that make your skin look puffy & inflamed.

Dehydrated skin remains unaffected to moisturizers whereas dry skin on the other hand shows significant improvement when an appropriate emollient with buttery texture is applied. Dehydrated skin can be typically classified as dry, dull skin that has lost its ability to remain supple. Since the oil-moisture balanced has been disturbed, the production of skin’s own natural oil is greatly reduced that results in flakey patches.

Treatment of Dehydrated Skin using Korean Skin Care Products

The Korean skin care way of treatment focuses on improving one’s diet. Increasing liquid intake should be the first step towards healthy & glowing skin.

What leads to Dehydrated Skin?

Replace chemical laden products with korean skin care products
Chemical laden products lead to dry & dehydrated skin

It is crucial to understand that even oily skin can become dehydrated over time. Using harsh chemicals, skin whitening products containing bleaching agents, anti-bacterial soaps, fragrant bar soaps & other products with unbalanced PH may strip your skin off its natural oils. Furthermore; diet, hormonal imbalance, aggressive exercise, hot baths, sun & other weather conditions from humid to severely cold wind risks dehydration.

Strengthening skin’s barrier is important to help prevent moisture loss. Korean skin care range boasts moisturizers containing ingredients closest to human sebum. Guerisson 9 Complex Horse oil cream mimics the chemical structure of human’s sebum that help immediate absorption without leaving a greasy touch behind. The miraculous Korean skin care horse oil range features vitamin E & botanicals extracts that provide the most required nutrients, dehydrated skin is lagging at.

guerisson Korean skin care cream

The unique 9 herbal formula calms stressed skin & revitalizes brittle dry skin. Korean skin care products are proven to have minimum side effects due to them being sourced from natural ingredients. The preservative & steroids free formula keep your skin well-hydrated & moisturized. Guerisson Korean skin care horse oil range with Ceramide prevents moisture loss & retains it for 72 long hours.

The bottom line: Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that has lost its ability to retain moisture. The protective layer of lipid becomes compromised due to which production of skin’s natural oil gets significantly reduced. To help replenishing skin & restore moisture loss, follow Korean skin care rituals & incorporate Korean skin care products fearlessly into your daily regime.