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Contracting Infections Frequently with Prescription Colored Contacts? This is what you need to Check

Disposable Prescription Colored Contacts


Prescription colored contacts are considered the handiest mode of vision correction. They don’t only fix the refractive index error but also make your eyes look alluringly huge and doll-y. Patients who wear prosthetic colored contacts for vision correction are already aware of the meticulous care & disinfection all type of contacts require. Unfortunately, even the most careful people contract contact lens induced injuries despite following the eye care practitioner’s advises. Wonder why? Forget about the myths- it is always about the customer’s negligence that cause mishaps even with FDA & KFDA approved prescription contacts. Even the smartest of us ignore the importance of the following that leads to the development of corneal abrasions & inflammation caused by the misuse of prescription contact lenses.

Disposable Prescription Colored Contacts do not Reduce the Risks unless..

Disposable Prescription Colored Contacts

Lazy people often take support of disposable prescription colored contacts assuming that popping open a fresh pair every once in a while will keep infections at the bay. While this can be true to some extent, what they forget about is the contact lens solution they use to clean & rinse the contact lenses & cases.

Why do you need to be Careful about Contact Lens Solution?

Contact lens solution is the first thing to lose its efficacy among all contact lens necessities. If left unopened, the preservative that is required to kill the bacteria, evaporates eventually, robbing solution of its effectiveness. The nozzle should also be never brought into contact with any other external agents as it may pick bacteria. Experts also warn against handling prescription colored contacts at humid places such as at sink and in bath room where water splashes may contaminate your contacts, cases & lens solution bottle.

Always take note of the expiry dates of lens solutions & re-wetting drops. Disposable prescription colored contacts do reduce the risks involved but will not totally eliminate them until you start paying attention to all your contact lens solutions, kits, cases & other accessories.

Note: Make sure you take prescription colored contacts out every night before falling in your couch. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines & play safe. Almost over 30 million people wear contacts in United States but fortunately, only a few end up visiting hospitals due to severe eye damage or vision loss caused by circle contacts. Thus it won’t be wrong to assume that prescription colored contacts are safe to wear provided you respect the label at your lens vials & follow your eye care practitioner’s advise.